Publication for Sale/Partnership: The United States Health Care System
Contact person:
Susan E. Dorsey, R.N.
Watch the video, then the slideshow.
That will give you a general idea of the product. For detailed information, use the "The three main Links"
We will provide training to your one person for five weeks
and are here to assist you and answer your questions.

Video on FB

  It shows the main work of our USHCS publication


- Shows all slides related to the USHCS.
- Shows additional 18 slides to provide evidence of potential.
- This Google software provides the flexibility to add, delete, reorder, and/or make additional slideshows using one or more slides.
- We will train your one technician to become familiar with this software program and do your own slides or we can do them for you.

The Three Main Links

1- This is our main FB group of 62000 members. The USHCS group.
2- This is our main web page on, which is related to our FB work.
    (This is a very extensive work, it will take several hours to go through it.)
3- All our groups at a glance, with active links to the groups.

About the Product

1- What does the product do? Publishes information about the US Healthcare System
2- Who uses the product? Consumers and sellers of healthcare products and services
3- How much does the product save?       Advertising and publishing on Facebook is considerably
less expensive than solo publications;
In addition, this platform offers valuable tools and
a worldwide market.

Assets Being Sold

1- Administration: US Licensed Physician
2- Professional Design and graphics
3- Our experience, managing these publication since 2014
4- The USHCS group and page
5- Related groups: Medicine, Economics, Law, and Technology.
6- Additional groups and data with thousands of related posts and efficient settings designed to preserve quality.
7- Related internet sites at
8- Site Map to ACA all US State sites.
Our three clauses are designed to curb overutilization and rationing in the US healthcare system. They are recommended to be included in all contracts between providers and their HMO, and between providers and hospitals. Their implementation is conducive to increase the quality of care and reduce its cost.

Price: $40,000.00

Julio C. Postigo, M.D.
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