Scoring the encounter
In scoring an encounter the program first score the Hx (History), then score the PEx.(physical examination) and then the MDM (Medical Decision Making).
The Medical Decision Making includes, The Number of Dx or
Management Options, the Data Gathering and Review and  The Risk of Complication, Morbidity and Mortality.
To determine the risk, one must select the level of risk of the
Presenting problem, the Diagnostic procedures ordered and the Management selected.



Medical Decision Making
  1- Number of Diagnosis or management options

2 -DG & R

3 -Risk

a -Presenting Problem/s

b -Diagnostic procedures ordered

c -Management selected

The program scores the history(Hx), the physical examination (P.Ex) and the data gathering and review(DG & R) from the data you enter in the encounter record.
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