Guardianship - Florida 

The "Guardianship - Florida" is a database program designed using 4 Dimension.
Email me at and I will mail you the CD.

The program is free to try, $50.00 to buy. The support is free.

To see the following pages use the links bellow, read the information and come back to the top by using the "Back" button of your browser.

This is the Initial Screen.

To use the program, you create: a record for the attorney (once),  a record for the ward (once).
once a year, a record for the yearly accounting , a record for the  Plan (Annual Guardianship Report) and records for the accounting entries.
As follows:

1 - Create the Attorney's Record
2 - Create the Ward's Record
3- Create the Year Accounting Record
4- Create the Plan Record (Annual Guardianship Report)
5- Create the Accounting Entries
There are 2 main ways to create "Accounting Entries" records:
         A- Click on the "Accounting Entry" link  in the Start Screen to enter an individual accounting entry.  (Like Asset bought or Bond Interest)  
         B- Click on the "Entire Year" link found in the "Year Accounting" form, to enter all the regular income and disbursements records.  (Like, all the income received from SS or all the monthly disbursements to the guardian)

That is usually enough to generate all the forms required.
The Annual Guardianship Report will contain:

1 - The Annual Report of Guardian of the Property - Annual Acounting
      Schedules A, B, C, D, Summary and Affidavit
2 - The Annual Guardianship Report
      Annual Guardianship Plan

To print the report, you select the year, and the name of the ward, then click on the "Annual Report" button.

How to get help

This is the Initial Screen.       

When you click "Ward" in the Initial Screen, you are lead to the following Ward Entry Form.
Enter the Ward Information and Click "OK". This is done only once per ward.
Notice the list of attorneys on the upper right, clicking on the name of an attorney enters the name on the form.


When you click "Attorney" in the Initial Screen, you are lead to the following Attorney Entry Form.
Enter the Attorney Information and Click "OK".  This is done only once per attorney.

Regular Accounting Entries
This form can create a whole year worth of Income and Disbursement records, like the monthly income from SSI and the monthly payments to the Guardian.
For step by step information see the  "How to enter the transactions".

Notice in the right  part of the form, the check boxes next to the Income, Disbursements and All Records links.
They prevent you from making the mistake of entering those records more than once.

Individual Accounting Entry

Accounting Record (There is one Accounting record per ward per year)
It is the main entry for the ward bank account and for that account yearly figures.

Annual Guardianship Report
This is the where the guardian reports to the state the condition of the ward an plans for the coming year.
The following is the upper part of the form.


If you find the screen view limited, or you can not see the buttons at the bottom, like this"

double click on the title bar or click on the right upper corner square box to maximize the window.
The window then looks like this:

See the buttons at the bottom?

If you ever find yourself looking at a form and do not remember how to cancel the view, enter Control period. (Control + period (.))

The help file (this file), can be accessed
at any time, from inside the program. (After you have load it once, it loads fast). Look at the menu item in the Help menu:

To update the program, you can always download the latest version from this site.
Latest update: 9/06/06